Malikai Malikai
Facility Name Malikai TLP Duty Oil/Gas
Operator Shell Current Status Under Construction since 2009
Host Type TLP Water Depth 565 m / 1,865 ft
Dev.Cost n/a Region Malaysia
Location Block G
Field Name Malikai Discovery Date Sep 2004
Block Block G Reserve Type Oil
Under Development Production Start
Water Depth 565 m / 1,865 ft
Situated on Block G offshore Sabah, Malaysia in a water depth of 1,854 feet (565 meters) is the Malikai oil field. Shell serves as the operator and holds a 35% interest; ConocoPhillips holds 35%; and Petronas holds the remaining 30%.

On August 4, 2004, the Atwood Falcon discovered the Malikai-1 oil well. Following the initial discovery, an appraisal well was drilled in 2005, confirming Malikai's commercial viability.

Field development plans commenced in March 2009, when Shell issued an invitation for companies to bid for engineering and design of the Malikai deepwater project. The field will most likely be exploited via a tension-leg platform.

If the field is developed by a TLP, the vessel will be located about 68 miles (110 kilometers) offshore of Sabah, in a water depth of 1,640 feet (500 meters). Untreated crude will be sent to the KBB platform, located 31 miles (50 kilometers) from the field, for processing and then exported to shore. Malikai will also have gas lift and water injection facilities for raw seawater injection for pressure maintenance of the reservoir.

Malikai is expected to come online in 2012 and reach production rates of 150,000 bopd.
IKM to Showcase MRR Technology in Malaysia at Shell's Malikai Project
Date: Sep. 2014
Type: Contract Award
Shell plans to use IKM Group's Mud Recovery without Riser (MRR) technology at its Malikai development in Block G offshore Sabah, Malaysia. Eight top hole sections will be batch drilled using the Norshore Atlantic multi-purpose drilling vessel in 1,558 feet of water. Engineered drilling fluid can be used because IKM's system collects drilling fluid at the wellhead and pumps it back to the vessel instead of being discharged to the seabed. The end result should be a more cost-efficient drilling program with reduced risk and minimal impact to the environment. This will be the first use of MRR technology outside of the North Sea.
Norshore Wins Top Hole Drilling Contract for Shell's Malikai Development
Date: May. 2014
Type: Contract Award
Norshore, owner of the new Norshore Atlantic multipurpose drilling vessel, was awarded a contract by Shell's Malaysian subsidiary to provide top hole drilling services at the Malikai field in Block G offshore Malaysia. The vessel was primarily designed for riser-less operations, making it well suited to drill top hole sections for developments such as Malikai. The contract will commence in April 2014 and should keep the vessel working through the end of the year. Shell and its partners discovered the field in 2004 and made the decision to proceed with development in early 2013. The development concept envisions 17 subsea wells tied back to the Malikai Tension Leg Platform (TLP). The Malikai joint venture includes Shell (35%), ConocoPhillips (35%) and Petronas (30%). Startup of the $775 million project is scheduled for late 2015.
Dril-Quip to Take Part in Malikai Project
Date: Mar. 2013
Type: Development Activity
Dril-Quip has been contracted to supply subsea wellheads, tensioner systems, risers, production and injection trees and tieback connectors for the Shell-operated Malikai TLP project in Malaysian waters. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2014. Shell and its partners, ConocoPhillip and Petronas, made the decision to proceed with field development in February 2013.
Technip Bags Another Malikai Contract
Date: Feb. 2013
Type: Contract Award
Shell and its partners, Petronas and ConocoPhillips, awarded a contract to Technip for the supply of subsea pipelines related to the deepwater Malikai project in Block G off Malaysia. Technip will be responsible for the transportation, installation and pre-commissioning of an 8" 31-mile gas pipeline and a 10" 34-mile liquid pipeline including steel catenary riser. Both pipelines will stretch from the Malikai TLP to the Kebabangan platform. Water in the area can be over 1,640 feet deep. This latest Malikai contract follows an EPC contract awarded to Technip after Shell and its partners made the decision in early February to push forward with the development.
Shell and Partners Moving Forward with Malikai
Date: Feb. 2013
Type: Development Activity
Block G PSC partners Shell Malaysia, Petronas Carigali and ConocoPhillips have taken the Final Investment Decision to develop the Malikai oil field off Sabah, Malaysia. Malikai is situated in waters up to 1,640 feet deep and will be the country's third deepwater development project. The field will be developed via 17 wells drilled from a TLP which will be the first TLP to be fabricated and installed in Malaysia.
Shell Collects Bids for Malikai Field Offshore Malaysia
Date: Aug. 2009
Type: Status Update
Shell invited bids for engineering and design at the Malikai deep-water project, located on Block G, offshore Sabah, Malaysia. Shell is planning to award the contracts by the fourth quarter of 2009. Norway's Aker, France's Technip, Worley-Parsons of Australia and local firm MMC Oil & Gas are in the running, according to reports.
Shell Makes Deepwater Discovery Offshore Malaysia
Date: Aug. 2004
Type: New Discovery
Shell Malaysia reports an oil discovery was made in waters offshore Sabah, with their recent Malikai-1 exploration well. The discovery is located in Malaysia's Deepwater Block G, in waters on the northwest of Sabah. Drilling operations on the well commenced on 4th August 2004. Malikai-1 was drilled as a vertical hole in a water depth of 565 meters.
Status History
Malikai TLP

Under Construction - 2009 to -

Under Development - 2009 to -
Discovery (Appraised) - Jul 2006 to 2009
Appraisal Drilling - May 2006 to Jul 2006
Atwood Falcon drilled Malikai-4 appraisal.
Appraisal Drilling - Apr 2006 to May 2006
Atwood Falcon drilled Malikai-3 appraisal.
Discovery (Drilled) - Sep 2004 to Apr 2006
Oil discovery confirmed at Malikai-1
Exploratory Drilling - Aug 2004 to Sep 2004
Atwood Falcon drilled exploration well Malikai-1
Project Map Asia - SouthEast
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